How does your work look like in 2100?

An interactive data story that explores what people observe in the world today that drives their imaginings of the future of their work

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How does your work look like in 2100?


Studio Dojo

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When you imagine the year 2100, do you see a world of Growth, Collapse, Transformation or Discipline? Using the principles of Futures Thinking and responses gathered through an interactive chatbot, take a journey through a myriad of possible imagined futures of 2100, and ask yourself: what do you want in your future?

An animated list of signal types generated from the chatbot experiment.

About the project

Using participatory methods, Studio Dojo created an interactive chatbot to gather responses on how professionals in different industries imagine the future of their work. Together with Kontinentalist, the results of the chatbot were analysed and pieced together to educate the public about the sheer possibilities that the future holds.

The challenge

With a diverse array of responses from the chatbot, a lot of processing and analysis had to be done to make sense of the data. Visualising this data was also not easy, as the amount of data had to be fitted within a mobile viewport. With Futures Thinking being a rather niche subject, a balance had to be struck to ensure that the data story was true to the principles of Futures Thinking, while also being approachable and engaging to the general public.

A gallery of possible future job titles and how they might look like, with images generated from Dall-E.
A radial bar plot of various types of signals identified in Studio Dojo's chatbot experiment.

Our creative solution

To make the story approachable, we first introduced the basic principles of Futures Thinking. We then eased them into a familiar Buzzfeed quiz-like approach that allows readers to choose their imagined future, before we analysed reasons behind their choices and prompted them to reflect on why they think that way.

In order to broaden the reader’s horizon and allow them to see how their imagined future compares with others, we also created two visualisations that showed what participants of the chatbot responded with. From these chatbot responses, we created 14 scenarios using AI-generated visuals showing what the future of work might look like. Through these visuals, the reader can see something tangible yet still have room for their own imagination.

Our partners

Studio Dojo helps designers, teams and companies grow and develop. We do that through training, coaching and advising, as well as supporting the community. Our approach draws from the intersection of four disciplines: Futures Thinking, Design Thinking, Organisational Development, and Leadership Development.

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