What goes into a data story?

A whole lot of thought, experimentation, empathy, and craft.

Kontinentalist is open, multidisciplinary, and collaborative, because the best data stories need many hands.

Let’s partner up.

How we collaborate

Data is powerful, but crafting memorable stories is delicate work. Here’s what we do.


First, we listen. You come with data, ideas, and a purpose; we’ll help you figure out the best story for your cause.

What’s in it for you?

We know there are plenty of good storytellers out there—and that’s great! But our special sauce is our sensitivity to Asia’s data and cultural contexts.

We’re writers, marketers, researchers, journalists, UX designers, ethnographers, game developers, and code magicians. Asia is our home, and we care about telling its stories.


Find the best angle

Many stories live in data, but not all stories matter the same. Discover the right narrative for your data through our workshopping process.


Make data the star

Data visualisations are sideshows in many stories. We put ours front and center to show insights in ways that words and numbers can’t.


Show facts with tact

Cultural sensitivity isn’t about treading lightly around taboos. We help you navigate difficult issues with nuance.


Tell the full story

We guide you through the storytelling process from ideation to publication, grounding each stage in your vision and purpose.


Delight with design

Our tailored visuals and UX ensure your story’s mission and concept are clear across all platforms.


Stay lean

We spare no effort in helping your story shine, but never include services you don’t need.

Turn your data into stories that stick.

Tell us about your project and the help you need!

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