GCC’s Changing Climate

Elaborate and comparative data visualisations for climate data

AEON Collective
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AEON Collective

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Data visualisation
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Heavy rainfall and freezing winters – how has the climate changed in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region over the last 40 years? Kontinentalist helped AEON Collective visualise its extensive data on climate change with a bespoke, multi-page data tool with responsive graphics.

Animated screengrab that shows the details of the data visualisation—how every symbol or visual element encodes data, which can be explored by hovering over them.

About the project

AEON Collective compiled detailed data on the changing climate of the GCC, and shared this data in elaborate visualisations to help propel climate action both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in neighbouring regions and globally. These datasets and visualisations were shared publicly to encourage further discussions and investigations.

The challenge

Multiple datasets in an all-encompassing visual

AEON Collective had compiled several datasets, namely temperature, hot days, heat index, and precipitation for each city. Within each of these were further variables covering mean, max, and min across both summer and winter periods. These datasets had to be visualised all together in a sophisticated, elegant, and meaningful way that invites engagement and discussion.

Comparing variables across different cities

Beyond just visualising all these variables at once, AEON Collective also wanted to give users of this data tool the option of filtering, and selecting different variables to compare across the region, and understand how climate affects each city differently. It also needed small multiples that could show, at a glance, what the extent of climate change looks like.

Animated screen capture of the option of showing small multiples to compare data across multiple cities, or focusing on one particular city.
The accessible version of the data visualisations alter the colour palette to cater better for users with visual impairments.
A built-in filter allows the user to alter the range of data shown.

Our creative solution

We created a multi-page data tool that allows users to play around, filtering and selecting multiple variables at once to compare across any number of GCC cities. We solved AEON Collective’s challenges by visualising the multiple variables in a series of sleek, minimalistic concentric circles, with each layer representing something different. This allowed us to include the entire 40-year span in a responsive graphic, where overtime trends will be easily identified and understood.

Our partners

AEON Collective is a Saudi-based Waqf that aims to bring balance to the ecosystem through ongoing research and engagement. It believes in optimising and enhancing its systems to advance a higher quality of sustainable living by complementing nature-based approaches with technological solutions, compatible with the needs and standards of modern living and human wellbeing.

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