A global research network

An interactive network map

Asia Research Institute
Screenshots that showcase the two main visualisations on the map—network and project locations.


Asia Research Institute

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Interactive map


Data visualisation
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How do we do justice to the extensive global reach and projects of the National University of Singapore’s Asia Research Institute? Kontinentalist helped tell its story with an interactive network map that showcases its position as an important agenda-setting research institution in and on Asia.

An animated screenshot of the map zooming in when the user clicks on a project point.

About the project

The Asia Research Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021. We created an interactive map to commemorate this milestone, and showcase its extensive academic footprint and connections.

The challenge

A web of international connections

With over 200 connections across the world and close to 100 projects, the Asia Research Institute wanted a meaningful and interesting way to consolidate its work and extensive network. This included finding a way to visually show the scale and reach of its staff and collaborators, while allowing readers to understand more about its sector-specific projects.

A global research network
A look of ARI's vast international network and connections as visualised on a map.
The second view of the map highlights locations around the world where ARI had done projects on. The map comes with a filter tool that allows the user to select only projects in a certain ara
A zoomed in view of the project location and its information.

Our creative solution

We designed an interactive map that consolidated all of these projects and connections. Our map allowed users to toggle between two views. For those interested in specific topics or sectors, they could filter the dataset based on the institution’s working clusters. We also ensured that the design and aesthetics of the map were in line with the organisation’s branding.

Our partners

The Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore, is one of the world's foremost research centres on Asia. The Institute brings together scholars working across the social sciences and humanities, forming a vital space for Asia-focused cross-disciplinary research collaboration. 

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