Have rich data and research on Asia that hardly anyone notices?
We’ll turn your data into stories that stick.

Kontinentalist Studio is our bespoke storytelling arm. We help organisations with data and research on Asia get their voices heard.

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Many organisations have incredible data and research on Asia.

But so many struggle to engage anyone outside their fields.


We live in a data-rich world. Data shapes how we live and the choices we make. But data can be too much. Complex and heavy. Foreign. Hard to understand.

Not worth the effort.

That’s why Kontinentalist shapes data into simple, powerful stories through creative narratives and visualisations. With data storytelling, your data engages people and inspires them towards change.

If you have important data or research about Asia to share, reach out to us. We work with non-profits, government agencies, think tanks, researchers, and fellow data enthusiasts!

Our favourite projects

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Are anchored in Asia

Asia is our home, and we care about sharing its nuances with the world.

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Do meaningful work

How does it impact Asia? We love ideas that make a difference.

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Use robust evidence

We stand by transparency and rigour, because trust is everything these days.

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Embrace experimentation

We lean into the untried and untested. Pursuing new techniques helps both us and the field grow.

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